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        Real Christmas Trees in Pots

        Our pot grown Christmas trees are purpose grown to be the perfect Christmas addition to your home. Better still, unlike our fresh cut Christmas trees, our pot grown varieties can be kept for up to three years. Easy to maintain, simple to decorate and low-fuss, these pot grown trees make for a decadent display with little effort.

        Suitable for houses and offices of any size, simply select the tree you want and we will deliver it to your door. After Christmas, just un-decorate it and let it grow happily in it’s pot for 12 months. When next Christmas comes around, all you need to do is move it to a larger pot and bring it back indoors! The perfect way to grow your own Christmas tree at home.

        With four wonderful low-maintenance varieties to choose from, a pot grown xmas tree doesn’t just need to be for Christmas, it can last you a long time afterwards as well! Pick from our real Christmas trees in pots now.