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Table Top Christmas Trees

With the festive atmosphere in full swing, even the small spaces of your home deserve a little Christmas décor. Whether you are opting for a bright winter wonderland theme or decorate with decorations passed down through the family, this year you can add a tabletop Christmas tree to your collection.

Table top Christmas trees are ideal for your table centrepiece, standing up to X feet/cm tall. They add a little sparkle to small spaces, whether you place the mini tree on a side table or in the traditional spot - the middle of the dining table. Wherever you choose to place your tabletop trees this year, make sure you start with a high-quality, lush and vibrant mini tree from Christmas Trees Direct.


Merry tabletop Christmas trees

Tabletop Christmas trees are typically small Christmas tree varieties, cut while they are small and suitable for side tables, tucked into the corner of your kitchen worktop, or placed on patio garden furniture. These trees are the perfect addition to your home, adding intricate beauty to the tiniest of spaces.

A tabletop Christmas tree should always be live. At Christmas Trees direct, we specialise in providing fragrant and growing live Christmas trees to create that Christmas magic. While a plastic Christmas tree may last year round (if the sun doesn't fade the colours), nothing can beat the beauty, aroma and tradition of a live tree. They're better for the environment too and can be decorated with all the tiny lights and ornaments just like a full-size traditional Christmas tree.


How to choose a tabletop Christmas tree

In the Christmas Trees Direct shop, you can find page after page of festive delights, from Real Christmas Garlands to decorate the halls, to traditional Baubles that complete the look of our tabletop Christmas trees. The key to selecting Christmas trees and accessories is to choose a decoration theme. Red and gold is a classic, for example, and looks beautiful against the vibrant green needles of the Norway Spruce. Another popular festive theme for the Christmas tree is a snowy white look, with plenty of glitter to create a light, North Pole inspired space.

The small size, and comfortable price, of tabletop trees also makes them ideal for children to decorate. With no tools or hefty tree stands needed to keep the tree standing, they are blissfully easy to lavish with decorations. Add some battery powered lights (or explore our glimmering LED Lights) and the tiny Christmas tree will be complete. Alternatively, you could hold a Christmas decoration party to get the festive cheer going and furnish attendees with their own tabletop tree to decorate.

Explore our Guides to learn more about choosing a variety of Christmas tree and decorating it for the corners of your home or the office space.


Tabletop trees at Christmas Trees Direct

Tabletop Christmas trees are a magical addition to our shop this year. Bring light and gold Christmas sparkles to any room with a mini tree artfully decorated and placed in the space. You may not be able to fit many toys under a tabletop Christmas tree, or decorate it with hundreds of lights and small details, but the charm is unforgettable. Your dining room table won't be complete without one.

So, explore our small Christmas trees and pick out the decorations. We can help you deck the halls or just add a little Christmas cheer to the hallway table with our tabletop Christmas trees.


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