When will my order be delivered?

We aim to deliver all orders within the delivery window displayed on product pages. You'll find this information on the righthand side of a product page just under the price. If you've ordered several items, they could come in separate deliveries depending on the courier and delivery windows for each item, so please don't worry if your order doesn't all arrive together. The rest will still be coming. If there are any delays with your order, we will notify you in advance of any issues.
Please note that delivery of certain items to Northern Ireland will be subject to increased delivery windows from those shown so please allow a little longer for orders to arrive.
Find out more on our delivery page.

Can I pay for my order with Klarna?

Yes, you can pay for your order with Klarna. Find out more.

What do I do if my delivery hasn't arrived?

We aim to deliver all items with the delivery window. In the rare event of an item not arriving on time, please double check your order confirmation because if you have ordered multiple items, they may be delivered by different couriers or on different dates. If you still need assistance after checking, please contact our customer service team. Please include your order number and full details of what hasn't arrived so we can help you faster.

Do I have to be there to sign for delivery?

No, our courier will leave your order in a safe place, provided the courier deems it safe to do so. An image of the parcel and location is then uploaded to the courier’s secure website. A handwritten delivery card is also passed through your letter box informing you of this. If the courier does not deem it safe, the courier will take the order back to the sorting depot for a redelivery to then be scheduled the following day. The courier will attempt a maximum of 3 deliveries, after the 3rd attempted, the courier will get in touch with yourself to make alternative arrangements, If you cannot be contacted the courier will get in touch with us. At this point we will advise the courier the next best solution.


How do I cancel my order?

Please contact customer services to cancel your order.


Can I return a product, exchange it or get a refund?

Information is available in the “Your delivery” section.


Can I re-use my Christmas tree after Christmas?

This depends on the type of Christmas tree that you purchase. Most real Christmas trees that are not pot-grown will need to be disposed of after Christmas.
Pot-grown trees have the tremendous advantage of being re-usable and can live for many years, providing that you take care of them. The pot they’re supplied in has ample space for the first twelve months, but they will need to be re-potted thereafter.


Why buy A real Christmas tree?

We have recently created a wonderful blog article that answers this and more. But in a nutshell, real Christmas trees;
  • Are extremely kind to the environment and prevent the damaging fake Christmas tree market polluting the world with more plastic waste.
  • They look better and smell amazing, perfect to get you in the festive mood.
  • They are bio-degradable and compostable to help you grow more in your gardens!
  • Are not the norm, your friends and neighbours will really be talking about how wonderful your tree looks.

How is the height of the trees measured?

All of our trees are measured from the base of their stump or bottom of their pot to the top of the leader branch in order to determine tree height.

    How wide will my tree be?

    As with any natural and growing thing, it can be a little difficult to give you an exact measurement. At Christmas Trees Direct we tend to use a rule of thumb method that states a tree will be half as wide as it is tall. In other words, if your tree is 6-foot tall, you should allow for a 3-foot width.
    Tree widths are not an exact science, but if you find your tree is a little wider than anticipated, they are easily trimmed to fit your space as well as your personal preference.


    Are real Christmas trees messy?

    One of the horror stories you might have heard is how messy having a real tree is. You may have had a real one in the past and regretted it because you were forever hoovering up needles. The truth is that some varieties don’t hold their needles well whereas most of our trees have been specially bred to retain their needles. If you want to keep needle picking to a minimum look for our low drop trees.
    With a little bit of care, even a tree that sheds many needles is easily maintained. The short answer is that real Christmas trees can be messy, but with precautions as well as a low drop variety you should make it through the festive season without any trouble.


    How do I dispose of my real Christmas tree?

    We have recently added a page covering this in more detail, but in short: 
    Disposing of your Christmas Tree has never been simpler (or so environmentally friendly). Simply chop it down and put it in your compost bin or if you don’t want to compost it yourself, leave it in your green-waste bins and let the council do it for you!
    If you have a wood burner, you can chop it up and burn it piece by piece. The needles make fantastic popping sounds as they burn!