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    Can I reuse this Tree after the seasonal period?


    Absolutely! These pot grown Trees are intended to stay with you for years to come. Just make sure you don't cut the tree and keep it in an appropriate pot size (the one you'll get with it will absolutely do you for the first year).


    Why buy a real tree?


    Being a well established Gardening supplier you will expect we care about the environment, real trees absorb carbon dioxide from the air during their growing period and of course help the environment around you. Coming into your room with a live Christmas tree in the morning also gets you into the Christmas spirit every day with it's beautiful scent and appearance that cannot be matched by artificial.


    How wide will my tree be?


    Real christmas trees can vary as of course they are real live trees! We tend to go with a rule that the width is around 1/2 of the height of the tree. Sometimes 1/3 for the ones who enjoyed a good growth period. The taller the trees are usually nearer 1/3.