Blue Spruce Fresh Cut Christmas Trees
Blue Spruce Fresh Cut Christmas Trees
Blue Spruce Fresh Cut Christmas Trees
Blue Spruce Fresh Cut Christmas Trees
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Blue Spruce Fresh Cut Christmas Trees

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Discover the charm of our cut Blue Spruce Christmas Tree. With its silvery-blue needles and sturdy branches, it's the perfect canvas for your holiday ornaments. Create a joyful centerpiece for your celebrations and embrace the holiday spirit with this enchanting tree.

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Last year our most popular trees and sizes sold out way before Christmas. Our trees are carefully grown throughout the year, once we sell out of a certain kind or size we won’t get them back in stock before Christmas.

So don’t risk it, secure the heart of your Christmas decorations today through our pre-order system, because nothing says 'Christmas' quite like the perfect
tree. Pre-order now and ensure you're not left out in the cold.

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  • Height
    5ft; 6ft
  • Shape
  • Foliage
    Blue and Grey
  • Branch details
    1000 - 1200 tips
  • Fragrance
    Fresh Pine
  • Needle shed

About Blue Spruce Fresh Cut Christmas Tree

The Blue Spruce stands as a beacon of natural beauty, evoking a sense of enduring wonder. Flourishing in North American landscapes, particularly the Rocky Mountains, its majestic branches bear needles of the most vivid blue hue, resembling a serene winter sky. These needles, short and sturdy, create a lush tapestry that cradles your cherished ornaments and glimmering trinkets.

Unlike its broader companions, the Blue Spruce boasts a more compact form, making it an exquisite choice for snug spaces that seek the allure of a classic Christmas tree. A favourite among conifers, its allure is well-deserved. The needles, remarkably resilient, exhibit a graceful resistance to shedding, and their silvery undertones lend an air of understated refinement, even in their unadorned state.

Gathered from our carefully cultivated tree nurseries, the Blue Spruce carries within its boughs a subtle hint of citrusy sweetness, releasing an unmistakable festive scent that envelops your abode in an atmosphere of merriment.

For households bustling with young hearts and furry companions, the Blue Spruce emerges as an irresistible centrepiece for your holiday festivities. Its tender needles, a gentle caress on little fingers, alongside its exceptional needle retention, presents a remarkably fuss-free adornment that rejuvenates your living space throughout the joyous season. Complete your celebration setup with our sturdy stands, twinkling strands of Christmas lights, and essential tree covers – all harmonising to usher in the spirit of the holidays!

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About Cut Christmas Trees

Freshly cut Christmas trees have a certain feel that cannot be replicated. Breathing in the crisp pine forest scent and feeling the glossy needles beneath your fingertips is a quintessential Christmas ritual. A faux Christmas tree just will not do.

Our real Christmas trees are grown and cut in the UK, ensuring they stay lush and vibrant as you enter the festive period. With varieties offering long-lasting needle retention, you can enjoy abundant green foliage throughout December. A cut Christmas tree is trimmed close to the base, leaving plenty of tree trunk to be held securely in a tree stand. Ensure you water it regularly, or top up your water-holding tree stand, to keep it looking its best throughout the season.

Choosing a real-cut Christmas tree is a simple way to ensure that your home is filled with Christmas spirit. We have the best tips on caring for your real Christmas tree, and after the festive season, find out how to recycle your tree. Our trees are easy to decorate and look stunning in your home. Explore our range of cut trees and tree accessories now, and read our care guides on the blog.

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