Christmas trees for your business

Christmas trees for your business

Bringing some festive cheer to your business with a real tree has many benefits. For employees, the office Christmas tree enhances the mood. For customers, a well-decorated tree attracts Christmas shoppers. It creates the perfect ambience in a restaurant too. Even for schools and public spaces, it wouldn’t be Christmas without at least one stately tree decorating the halls.

But how do you go about selecting, purchasing, and securely fixing your business Christmas tree? This guide will help!

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How to pick a Christmas tree for your business

A real Christmas tree is the way to go. It’s the eco-conscious choice for your business and unlike a fake tree, it adds some elegance and class. When choosing a real Christmas tree for your business, there are a few considerations:
• Will it be placed indoors or outdoors?
• Does it need to last the full season or just a few weeks?
• What size space are you working with?
• Is the space easily accessible?

Most Christmas trees are ideal for both indoor and outdoor locations, just make sure that the area is sheltered from high winds and the tree is securely in place. As for the longevity of the tree, opting for an outdoor pot-grown tree is one way to make sure that the tree will stay healthy throughout December.

A Norway Spruce would be our recommendation!

If the size of the tree you are looking for takes pot-grown varieties off the table, then a Fraser Fir or Nordmann Fir may be more suitable. These tree varieties are notorious for being long-lasting with unparalleled needle retention.

The Fraser Fir, in particular, is great for outdoor trees if you are looking for more than one. With their pleasingly symmetrical appearance, a line of Fraser Firs is especially eye-catching when well decorated.

As for the size, you should think about your budget… but also the available space. This includes the access (e.g., door frame sizes) as well as the height and width of the room itself.

Alternative options:

Besides Christmas trees, other living plants can be used to spruce up your business for the festive season. Our recommendations include the Box Pyramid Topiary Tree (another variety that looks exceptional in a row) or even the Holly Berry Patio Tree. Both pot-grown varieties are long-lasting and can be decorated with Christmas cheer.

These alternative options are perfect for curb appeal outside cafés, bistros, and restaurants with limited pavement space.

Tips for safety and decorations

For public locations, attaining the correct permits for your Christmas trees is essential. Your local council will have guidance on height limits, pedestrian access, and land usage. All you need to do is select the tree height and follow their rules for decorating!

Christmas Decorations

But for private spaces (and even public waiting rooms in medical and dental practices), care should still be taken to keep your Christmas tree from becoming a hazard. This includes:

• Using the correct Christmas tree base for the height and weight of the tree
• Placing it in a sensible location where it won’t be knocked over
• Cordoning off the tree from curious animals and small children (if applicable)
• Securing any wires from light garlands
• Ensuring any electrics are switched off when the tree is unattended.

Unfortunately, checking the health and safety manual is a must before the festivities can begin.

Easy ordering with Christmas Trees Direct

Delivering UK-grown, freshly cut Christmas trees is what we do – for both homes and business locations.

The businesses we’ve helped:

All manner of businesses use Christmas trees to decorate their indoor and outdoor spaces. To date, Christmas Trees Direct has delivered living Christmas trees to:

• Pubs, cafés, and restaurants
• Schools, universities, and libraries
• Offices (break rooms, communal spaces, receptions and waiting rooms)
• Hotels, shopping centres, and private organisations
• Festive events, fetes, ‘winter wonderlands’, and decorated high streets

Locations we deliver to:

Delivery isn’t a problem, no matter the number of trees you require or their size. From London to Liverpool, Cardiff to Colchester, and everywhere in between, we can deliver across the UK. All major cities, including Newcastle, Bristol, Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow, and Edinburgh have received fresh-cut Christmas trees from us in previous years.

Packaging recycled Christmas Tree

We can even deliver to multiple locations, should you have several business outlets in need of some festive cheer.

How to order Christmas trees for businesses

Ordering Christmas trees for businesses is quite simple. For trees up to 8ft tall, order online through the Christmas Trees Direct website. You can peruse our tree varieties and discover their unique properties to ensure that you make the best choice for this festive period.

If you’d like to purchase a larger quantity of trees or are looking for taller tree sizes, don’t hesitate to contact us directly to process your order. Start here!

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