Types Of Office Christmas Trees For The Holiday Season

Types Of Office Christmas Trees For The Holiday Season

Christmas officially starts in your office when you receive your delivery of one of our stunning real Christmas trees.

Creating the festive spirit for all those you work with, our trees bring lush greenery, not to mention those fresh pine scents into your office.

At Christmas Trees Direct, you can purchase a variety of real Christmas trees including Norway Spruce, Fraser Fir, Nordmann Fir, Picea Glauca Conica and more with UK-wide free delivery.

With various options available including a range of tree sizes to choose from, there’s a perfect Christmas tree just waiting for your office on our website. 

To guide your purchase, here are some key details on the different types of trees we stock to guide you. 

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Fresh Cut Christmas Trees

Providing a visual spectacle that arguably doesn’t need lights to illuminate your office at Christmas. Fresh-cut Christmas trees are the real deal. 

Boasting crisp pine scents, natural textures and gorgeous greenery, fresh-cut Christmas trees are extremely coveted. They are perfect for all areas within your office, though can also be used in welcome or reception areas.

Bonus points if wherever you place a fresh-cut Christmas tree, the sound of a crackling fire can be heard in the background!  

Pros: Fresh cut trees bring the sights as well as the fragrant notes of a real Christmas tree into the heart of your office space. Real Christmas trees are grown with sustainability in mind, and also compostable. 

Cons: Their extreme popularity means you need to order our real Christmas trees in advance. 

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Pot-Grown Christmas Trees

Pot-grown Christmas trees are another way to purchase a real Christmas tree for your office.

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As the name suggests, pot-grown trees are housed in a container. Though, this gives the advantage of the tree being reusable so long as you take care of it.

Pot-grown Christmas trees can last for many years, helping to reduce costs while improving sustainability at the same time.

The different way of growing a pot-grown Christmas tree also allows you to explore various properties. As well as the varying natural tree scents, aspects to enjoy with a pot-grown tree include good needle retention.

Many pot-grown Christmas trees are also pet friendly allowing your office pooch to get into the festive spirit too.

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Pros: Gives you the look of a real Christmas tree. Pot-grown Christmas trees can also be reused

Cons: Pot-grown Christmas trees will need some year-round TLC to keep them healthy. Although if you already have some office plants this will be a breeze!  

Benefits Of Having An Office Christmas Tree 

Christmas trees bring the Christmas spirit along with plenty of cheer into office spaces. 

As the festive season descends, thoughts turn to our families and friends, including our work family as we head towards the new year.

Employers can best show their appreciation to their team by creating an upbeat festive vibe. There’s no better way to do this than by purchasing an office Christmas tree.

Sustainably sourced straight from the forest, real Christmas trees are unique in how they build anticipation as we head towards the big day. Plus they possess captivating beauty as a natural plant species.

Furthermore, opting for a real Christmas tree can offer additional well-being benefits. That’s because greenery has proven advantages for productivity and overall mental health.

Plus, real Christmas trees are stunning to look at too.

Why Purchase Your Office Christmas Tree With Us? 

We know you have a lot of choices when it comes to where to purchase your Christmas tree from. 

However, when you purchase your Christmas tree from a retailer which specialises in Christmas trees, you can be sure you’re getting an authentic, high-quality product.

Norway Spruce Fresh Cut Tree

As a result, everything from the look and fullness of your tree to the fragrant notes will be heightened. With Christmas Trees Direct, our gift to you is the utmost level of quality at every turn.

So here's what we think is important to your overall customer experience.

Free UK Wide Delivery (Including Central London)

We supply office trees right across the UK from Central London to Scotland and beyond. So wherever your team happens to be based, our corporate Christmas trees will bring the Christmas spirit in abundance.

Along with our free delivery service, you can also choose the delivery date for your tree for added convenience. 

Endless Tree Styles & Decorations To Explore

Dressing your Christmas tree is all part of the fun. Whether you plan on using your own decorations or purchasing our office Christmas decorations, everything you need to decorate your tree can be found on our website.

You may also want to consider purchasing a tree and decorations in line with your corporate colours. Our festive decorations can incorporate any existing colour schemes or new themes you wish to try this year.

Don't forget to check out decorative features for the rest of your building too. For instance, our Box Buxus Topiary Ball with Christmas Gift Wrap is a particularly popular pick for our customers.

Christmas Trees Direct - Order Your Office Christmas Tree Today

Your beautiful and ethically sourced office Christmas tree is only a couple of clicks away.

Scroll up to see our incredible range of pot-grown and fresh-cut Christmas trees available in various sizes. We also stock a range of accessories including tree stands, wreaths, garlands and other accessories to place outside of your front door.

Shop corporate Christmas trees with us and receive UK-wide delivery. You can also see our Christmas trees in action on our Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest pages.

Need any help selecting your office Christmas tree? Check out our FAQs or email our friendly team at contact@christmastreesdirect.co.uk

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