The best Christmas trees for small spaces

The best Christmas trees for small spaces

As Christmas approaches, we all lust after a huge space perfect for placing the Christmas tree. Perhaps a spacious bay window or an open stairway where a lush nine-foot tree would look fabulous. However, as we use our home throughout the year, we don't always have the space available to bring a massive tree inside every December.

Golden furniture and Christmas Decor

Space saving Christmas trees are the perfect choice for an apartment.

Most of us will have some space limitations when it comes to choosing a Christmas tree. Busy family homes, small apartment buildings and even the large furniture and clutter that comes with everyday life can leave us with limited space for a Christmas tree.

But just because you don't have a lot of room, doesn't mean you can't have a beautiful real Christmas tree as the focal point of your festive home decor. You just need to shop savvy and know how to make the most of the space you do have.

That's where we come in. Whether you're looking for a slim tree for your main living area or a mini tree for another room, we've compiled a guide to choosing the best real Christmas trees for small spaces.

Cady Cane Ornament

Let us help you find the right Christmas tree for your small space.

Best Christmas trees for saving floor space

For most people, the main consideration will be how wide the tree is. As a general rule, half the height of the tree and you'll get an idea of its diameter. So a 6ft tree would measure around 6ft wide around the bottom.

Fraser Fir

A Fraser Fir is the perfect choice of Christmas tree for anyone looking to save floor space. It boasts dense bushy foliage, but the satisfyingly symmetrical shape keeps it compact. The branches are angled upward for easy decorating, and the shimmering needles are soft enough to let the kids get involved with decorating the tree.

Couple in living room with Christmas Tree

Fraser Firs are among the best slim Christmas trees for a smaller living space.

Korean Fir

The Korean Fir is another excellent choice. More compact than some other varieties of Christmas trees, this species has a slender shape The density of its wide, rounded needles gives the tree a bushy and full appearance.

Christmas Tree Sprout

A Korean Fir will offer you more space without compromising on beauty.

Best Christmas trees for low ceilings

The average height of house ceilings in the UK is 8ft. When you add the space required for a tree stand and your traditional tree topper, you may realize you have space for a wide tree, but it needs to be relatively short.

Nordmann Fir

Nordmann Firs are one of the most popular varieties of Christmas trees in the UK, and it's easy to see why. Benefits include a classic appearance and excellent needle retention. These trees also bring a fresh Christmassy scent into the home. Our freshly cut Nordmann Fir trees are available in a range of sizes starting at just 4ft, which means we're sure to have one to suit your space perfectly.

Christmas Tree with gifts in minimalistic background

Nordmann Fir is a popular choice for a small house.

Norway Spruce

The Norway Spruce is synonymous with Christmas. Ever popular, this classic tree has bright green needles and full branches, which are perfect for displaying decorations. It has a wonderful scent that permeates the room and is perfect for a small space. With sizes starting from 5ft, this is a stylish tree that is bursting with rustic charm.

Mother and Son decorationg Christmas Tree

The Norway Spruce is a stylish tree that looks fantastic during the holidays.

Pot grown trees

If you have limited indoor space but have room in the garden or patio, you might consider a pot-grown tree that will last for at least a few years. As they're grown in pots and have limited space for roots, you can control how much a pot-grown tree grows. With fairy lights and ornaments added, these small-but-mighty Christmas trees bring a warming glow and an Instagram-worthy sparkle.

Potted Christmas Tree in gold pot

Store pot grown trees in the garden and bring them inside to create a magical rustic setting for your family Christmas.

Pot-grown trees can be kept in the garden throughout the year and brought indoors for the festive celebrations before being returned outside. Storing your Christmas tree in the garden frees up the valuable attic space an artificial tree would claim. It also adds a year-round focal point to your outdoor space.

Blue Spruce

Available from as little as 2ft tall, pot-grown Blue Spruce trees are ideal for small spaces and are easy to store on the patio when the festivities are over. As the name would suggest, Blue Spruce Christmas trees boast steely-blue needles that change to a shimmery silvery-green as the year progresses. Renowned for their hardiness, Blue Spruces are robust and hold their needles extremely well.

Blue Spruce Potted

Blue Spruce trees bring modern shapes and colours into the home at Christmas.

Picea Glauca Conica

Picea Glauca Conica is a dwarf variety of conifer and makes the ultimate space-saving Christmas tree. Available in a range of sizes, from a 1-2ft tiny tree to a much larger 5-6ft Christmas tree, Picea Glauca Conica has dense upright foliage and a fresh pine scent.

Pot Grown Christmas Tree shopping

Picea Glauca Conica Christmas trees are perfect for saving space.

Making the most of smaller spaces


Placing your Christmas tree in the corner of the room will help minimise the space you need to sacrifice to accommodate it. In the corner, your tree will be out of the way, but you'll still be able to admire and enjoy it. Be careful not to push the tree too far against the wall. Doing this can result in a misshapen tree with an unattractive squished look that will make your lack of space all the more noticeable.

Christmas Tree near fireplace

Corners are the ideal place for trees in small rooms.


While we wouldn't recommend placing trees next to working fireplaces (for obvious reasons), beside a decorative fireplace is a great place for your tree. Likely, you don't already utilize the space to the immediate left or right, and you'll already be used to avoiding the fire surround when walking through the room.

The fireplace is likely already the focal point of the room, and by placing the tree off to the side of it, you'll be creating a picture-perfect spot for precious family photos.

Christmas Decoration near Fireplace

A small Christmas tree can look stunning next to the focal point of the room.

Move furniture

This may not be the ideal solution if other rooms in your home don't have space to store extra, but moving your furniture around can free up space for your tree during the festive season.

Removing furniture to another room is a great way to make a small space look less cluttered when you come to put your tree up for Christmas. Alternatively, simply shuffle things around a little to create more room. You may find moving the sofa a few feet to one side is enough for your tree to fit nicely into what would otherwise be a small space.

Christmas Living room

Moving furniture for the holiday season can free up space for your Christmas tree.

Use a platform

If you crave the look of a tall Christmas tree but don't have the space to accommodate the width of the tree, then consider raising the tree a little. Placing the tree on a stand or table will give it additional height and create the illusion of it being taller than it really is. And there will be plenty of space ready for Santa to leave presents under the tree!

White Christmas Decorations

Place a small Christmas tree on a table to make it look like a tall one.

Decorating a smaller tree

When decorating a small Christmas tree, don't think you need be limited to tiny ornaments and lights. Your tree may be small in stature, but it can be massive in terms of style and decor.

Potted Christmas Tree

Decorate a small Christmas tree with traditional or modern themes to fit with your decor.


The general rule for lights is 100 bulbs for every foot of tree. So, for example, 500 lights for a 5 ft tree. However, when decorating a small tree, opting for fewer lights can help give the illusion that your tree is bigger than its actual size. Use half the usually recommended number, and your Christmas tree lighting will sparkle.

Chrismtas Lights Close Up

Decorate your Christmas tree with fairy lights sparingly.


It might seem tempting to stick with only small baubles to make your tree look bigger. However, this can have the opposite effect. A tree with mixed sizes of decorations will have more depth and a more interesting appearance.

Christmas decorations

Use string lights, ornaments and berries to add some style and fun touches to a small Christmas tree.

Whether for the main living space or a second Christmas tree for the bedroom, dining room or garden, a small Christmas tree doesn't have to lack the 'wow' factor.

No matter how small, the right size of tree will always look much more attractive than a large tree squeezed into a space that's too little. Choose the right Christmas tree to fit the space and you can delight in it through the festive season.

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