A guide to the different types of real Christmas trees

A guide to the different types of real Christmas trees

At the Christmas tree farm, you always pick the tree that looks the best. But that’s not always the right way to go about buying a Christmas tree. From sizes to foliage density to needle retention, there are many factors to consider before you settle on your festive centerpiece this year.

When it comes to real Christmas trees, you’re spoilt for choice. Below you’ll find the top four best real trees and five more interesting Christmas tree types to consider.

Sold Christmas Tree

A real Christmas Tree will help you create a magical Christmas.

The top 4 real Christmas trees for sale

Here are the most popular and best Christmas trees for the festive season. These are always huge hits with our customers, so make sure you pre-order your real Christmas trees online from Christmas Trees Direct in plenty of time.

Fraser Fir Christmas tree

  • Sizes: 4ft, 5ft, 6ft, 7ft, 8ft
  • Colour: Silver-green
  • Needle retention: Very good

Fraser Fir Close Up

To start with, the Fraser Fir is a brilliant choice.

The needle retention of this variety is superb – when watered regularly, it will hold its needles throughout the season. You’ll also enjoy the colour. The silver-green needles catch the light of your white Christmas tree fairy lights perfectly.

At Gardeners Dream, we can deliver this tree at 5 different heights. Whichever you choose, this real Christmas tree type is typically symmetrical and easy to decorate with dense foliage and a light citrusy aroma.

Nordmann Fir Christmas tree

  • Sizes: 4ft, 5ft, 6ft, 7ft, 8ft
  • Colour: Glossy dark green
  • Needle retention: Excellent

Nordmann Fir

This is the hardiest, most reliable Christmas tree around.

Its branches aren’t as densely packed as the Norway Spruce and Korean Fir but the needles are very long-lasting and rarely drop. If you don’t want to spend time hoovering the floor every few days, this is a good real Christmas tree choice.

Furthermore, the slightly glossy needles have a wonderful scent that will beat any scented candle this festive season.

Norway Spruce Christmas tree

  • Sizes: 5ft, 6ft, 7ft
  • Colour: Dark green
  • Needle Retention: Average 

Snowny Christmas Tree with Sun

If you want that traditional Christmas tree look, the Norway Spruce is the Christmas tree type for you.

Grown across the UK, these trees have a very symmetrical shape. Combined with their stiff, unbendable branches and needles, this is a great real tree variety for heavy decorations. You can pile on the baubles and glittery accents without worrying that it will topple over.

Just make sure you stand it firmly in one of our sturdy Christmas tree stands and water it regularly to minimize the needle dropping.

Korean Fir Christmas tree

  • Sizes: 5ft, 6ft
  • Colour: Mid-green
  • Needle retention: Good

Family buying a Christmas Tree

Originating in Korea, this is a nice Christmas tree to try this year!

It’s not quite as popular as the Nordmann Fir (although it’s a close relative) but we think the Korean Fir is just as good. It has a classic conical Christmas tree shape but is slightly slimmer than most other varieties.

It’s good for tight spots and the needle retention isn’t bad either. Keep it away from heat sources and top up the water regularly to ensure those soft needles stay firmly attached for as long as possible.

Other types of Christmas trees to consider

If our top 4 didn’t catch your eye, don’t worry. There are many different types of Christmas trees available. Here are another 5 that might be worth considering.

Remember, if you’re buying Christmas trees online, you’ll need to cut a few inches off the stump when it arrives to help it take up water and stay healthy after transit.

Blue Spruce Christmas tree

The Blue Spruce real Christmas tree has all the features you want from a traditional tree. It has good foliage, needles that have fair retention, and it has the perfect symmetrical shape for decorating. However, the Blue Spruce is quite blue rather than green.

Blue Spruce Close Up

It won’t suit every home, but if you’ve got a silver and white décor scheme this year then it might just be the right real tree for you.

Noble Fir Christmas tree

The Noble Fir tree grows in abundance on the Rocky Mountains, but you may find a few here in the UK as Christmas trees too. Noble Fir Christmas trees have a soft blue tint to their green leaves (albeit nowhere near as blueish as the Blue Spruce) and a classic Christmas tree scent.

Men picking a christmas tree

Noble Firs can be a little sticky with sap, but their branches are strong, and their needles won’t drop easily so it’s a good tree for decorating, nonetheless.

Douglas Fir Christmas tree

If you want a very dense and solid looking Christmas tree, the Douglas Fir is a good one to seek out. Just bear in mind that it’s not as popular here in the UK as it is in the US.

The conical shape and solid dark green foliage may need a little pruning to give it that manicured look. You’ll also want to be sparce with hanging decorations, as the branches are quite flexible rather than sturdy. Wrap it up with ribbons and lights instead.

Newberry Spruce Christmas tree

This is the one Christmas tree we do not recommend!

The Newberry Spruce is typically a name for an artificial tree. Besides being terrible for the environment, these trees don’t have a good scent and will never look quite as good as a real Christmas tree. Nonetheless, they are popular Christmas trees in the UK.

If you are considering an artificial tree due to the price of fresh cut trees, consider a small pot-grown Christmas tree instead. With a smaller price tag, pot-grown Christmas trees allow you to reuse the same tree each year and still enjoy the fresh and authentic experience of a real Christmas tree.

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