Real Christmas Tree Removal - Recycling

Real Christmas trees are one of the best ways to add a true Christmassy feel to your home or garden. However, once the festive season is over, they are not the easiest to clean up. Below, we have listed a few easy ways to dispose of or recycle your Christmas Tree.



JustHelping Christmas Tree Collection is a great way to dispose of your Christmas Tree in an environmentally friendly way, with donations going to local hospices and charities.

JustHelping is a UK Registered charity with the aim of bringing communities together, in order to support local people, businesses and charities. Their main fundraising event of the year is their ‘Christmas Tree Collection’.

The process is simple: Someone registers their Christmas tree for collection (if there is a participating charity in their local area) and sends a donation to JustHelping. From there, local volunteers will collect the unwanted Christmas Trees in early January and take them to nearby recycling centres or dispose of them in an eco-friendly manner.

All proceeds from the collection will be distributed between local hospices and charities, in the involved areas. Currently, they are only based in certain areas of England and North Wales, but the charity is hoping to expand, so that they can hold a nationwide Christmas Tree collection service.

We have attached the link to the JustHelping website in the title of this section. 


Local Council Collection Service and Recycling Centres

In the UK, many local councils will collect Christmas Trees with all other rubbish. They may ask you to chop up your tree and place it in a brown bin, pick up the whole tree or ask you to take your tree to a nearby collection point. Some councils will provide this service for free, while others will charge or ask you to book the service in advance.

We would advise checking on your local councils website for instructions on how to dispose of or recycle your tree in your area. If recycled, Christmas trees are often shredded into chippings that are used in local areas or parks.


Potted trees

If you have purchased a potted tree, you do not need to worry about disposing of your tree! These trees live for many years and can even be brought back inside the following Christmas! 

Once the Christmas period is over, you can transfer the tree into your garden where it will continue to grow. The tree can be left in the pot it is supplied in for around a year; but after then, we would recommend re-potting it to accommodate growth. The root system that develops within the pot will allow this tree to live for many years, provided it is given the right level of care.