Mini Christmas tree in stairs decorated with red bow and baubles

Where to buy real mini Christmas trees

A mini Christmas tree may only take up a small space but delivers full joy throughout the festive season. Whether you are giving one as a gift for loved ones or need a few mini Christmas trees to bring cheer to a room in your home, we have a range that you'll fall in love with at Christmas Trees Direct.

Mini Christmas trees can be found supplied by:

  • Supermarkets,

  • Garden centres,

  • Specialty Christmas stores,

  • Farmers markets and Christmas markets,

  • Numerous high-street stores in the UK have been open since November.

However, if you care about choosing high-quality, UK-grown mini Christmas trees, we urge you to browse our collection! Our trees are carefully nurtured in the UK, ready for Christmas time. With a range of tree size options and fast delivery, you can create Christmas cheer with a tiny pot-grown tree in no time.

But enough about us. With your question about where you can buy a tiny real Christmas tree, let's look at which one you should choose and how to decorate it to bring extra festive joy into your home or garden.

Nordmann Fir Pot Grown Tabletop Christmas Trees

How to buy and decorate a mini Christmas tree

Now you know where to find high-quality real Christmas trees full of festive cheer, and you have some important decisions to make. What size mini tree should you get? Should you opt for the Nordmann Fir or the Norway Spruce? And how should you decorate it?

Don't let stress ruin the holiday season. Follow these four steps instead.

1. Choose a real Christmas tree

The first step is selecting a real Christmas tree. While you might be tempted by the longevity of fake mini Christmas trees, nothing beats the quality and cheery mood of a real tree. With a distinctive pine scent in the air, unique branch layout, buttery soft needles to touch, and a vibrant hue, real Christmas trees make for a Christmas you'll never forget.

Choose from a range of different Christmas tree varieties, each with different colours, shapes, and scents. Many tree varieties, like Picea Glauca Conica, are available in small sizes, too, so you can select the tree style to suit your festivities. If you are planning to install your mini Christmas tree in November, our advice is to keep a close eye on its health. Give it water to quench the thirsty roots and keep it cool to last throughout the season.

Norway Spruce Pot Grown Tabletop Christmas Trees

2. Select a size

Once you have selected one type of mini Christmas tree (or various) for this year, it's time to choose a size. At Christmas Trees Direct, our mini real Christmas trees come in sizes of X cm/ft. This means they are X cm/ft tall and have a classic shape. The spread of the pot-grown tree depends on the variety - some are conical, while others have more of a spherical look thanks to wide-reaching branches! We like the Fraser Fir for its narrow shape;

While you won't be able to fill the space beneath the tree with presents, you should still consider where it will be placed in your house this festive season. You may want to purchase our smallest tree size for your dining room table or a slightly larger version for the family to decorate and place outside. Measure your space early before ordering real Christmas trees to make sure you get the perfect fit.

3. Find the perfect theme

The key to a beautiful and well-put-together mini Christmas tree is to choose a theme for your home. Decide whether you want to go with warm colours or cold colours, glitter and sparkles minimalism, or even a woodland theme. Of course, it's not a strict rule, and you can use or reuse any decorations that you prefer... but for the perfect aesthetic, choose a theme that gives a pop of festivities everywhere you turn.

For example, match the shade of your decorations on the mini Christmas tree with the wreath on your front door. Or browse our shop for matching bauble sets. Even if your mini Christmas tree is firmly planted in the corner of your office, you can add a little magic by matching the colour scheme of the decorations with the company logo.

4. Decorate in odd numbers

Finally, the rules that apply to decorating your main Christmas tree also apply to your tiniest ones. Whether you are decorating with family and loved ones or want to decorate yourself to get the perfect balance of baubles and tinsel, your tiny tree deserves the best this season.

Rather than putting everything you possibly can on your real Christmas tree (which isn't a lot for the small branches of our mini tree varieties!), be selective with your decorations. Choose a few different baubles and save the rest for next year.

Korean Fir Pot Grown Tabletop Christmas Trees

We also recommend decorating in odd numbers - either 3 or 5 of the same bauble, dotted around. Once decorated, it is time to wrap those LED lights around it, too! Along with beautiful fresh trees like the Nordmann Fir, you can also find lights in our range at Christmas Trees Direct.


How small are pot grown Christmas trees?

Most real Christmas tree varieties, including the pot, are from 2ft to 7ft. However, mini Christmas trees start at heights of X cm/ft. They make a great gift or can even be outdoor decorations placed beside the front door.

Where can you buy mini Christmas trees?

You can buy a real Christmas tree in many places in the UK, from supermarkets to garden centres. However, for the best pot-grown trees that are established in the UK soil, choose a reputable Christmas tree farm like Christmas Trees Direct. We even include delivery right up to your porch.

Can you plant a mini Christmas tree outside?

All pot-grown real Christmas trees can be planted outdoors. As a living plant, it will need light, water and fertile soil with room to grow - so don't plant one right next to a sign, wall or door! You can dig up the tree to come inside next year, place it in a spacious pot, and replant it after the season. Or you could simply decorate it outside with sturdy outdoor Christmas decorations.

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