DIY wreath

The best foliage for Christmas wreaths

Making your own Christmas wreath is a lovely way to mark the start of the festive season and spread holiday cheer to everyone who passes your front door.

Christmas Wreath Red

A Christmas wreath made of fresh foliage is the perfect decoration to hang on your front door

A real Christmas wreath with festive foliage and decorations makes a striking focal point and is an activity for the whole family to enjoy. Even if you're a perfectionist who likes to personally create a vision, the kids can have fun searching the woods and garden for pine cones, berries and other decorative items for you to use.

DIY wreath

Traditional festive foliage tends to be quite stiff. While this is perfect for hanging baubles on trees, it doesn't make it easy to bend branches into a circular wreath frame. That's where our DIY Christmas wreaths come in. We've done the hard work attaching fresh evergreen foliage to wreath frames, strengthening the bases and shaping them to create the perfect starting point. This leaves you free to do the fun part, which is of course decorating your wreath!

Make your own christmas wreath

Decorating with berries, seed heads, greenery and flowers is the best part.

Which Christmas foliage is best for wreaths?

The foliage you choose for your wreath will largely depend on the look you're aiming for. All our wreaths are locally sourced from ethical and sustainable farms.

When your DIY Christmas wreath arrives, we recommend soaking it before you start decorating. This allows the fresh greenery to absorb moisture and will help the wreath look better for longer.


If you're aiming for an understated rustic look for your Christmas wreath then spruce is the ideal choice. The needles can be a little on the prickly side (we advise wearing gloves when decorating) but the branches are strong and will support heavier decorations well. Spruce has a fresh scent that is pleasing to anyone who comes to the door.

Golden hour christmas tree branch

Spruce in an excellent way to add depth to your Christmas wreath.

Noble Fir

Noble Fir boasts a mild woodsy fragrance and excellent needle retention for a long-lasting display. The Christmas foliage is densely packed for a full, bushy appearance and its strong straw back means you can put as little or as many decorations on top as you like.

noble fir wreath

Noble Fir is the perfect choice for a classic festive feel.


Holly is a great choice if you like to hang your wreath early. The waxy leaves are sturdy and don't dry out easily, meaning they'll maintain their attractive appearance for longer. Holly wreaths produce an old school traditional effect that will welcome the Christmas spirit in through the front door.

holy branch

Spiky foliage and bright red berries give holly wreaths a traditional look.

Decorative foliage

Once you have your base foliage in place, you can decorate your Christmas wreath using other natural materials. Many of these can be easily found when enjoying a crisp winter walk and will add personality and charm to your wreath. Keep your eyes peeled from autumn and store your finds in a cool place ready to adorn your Christmas wreath.

Pine cones

Pine cones are easy to come by and are a great way to accentuate natural greenery. Use them as they are for a sophisticated pared-back look or spray paint them gold, silver or red for a shiny appearance that is bursting with festive cheer.

Christmas flowers

Whether dried or fresh, flowers are a lovely touch on any real Christmas wreath. They add colour to the green foliage while creating an elegant impression for visitors. Dried hydrangeas are a popular choice and will last much longer than freshly cut blooms.

Bright berries

Aside from evergreen foliage, nothing says Christmas quite like bright red berries on a wreath. These work particularly well with holly and can be picked from the garden as required. If you're short of berries then rose hips make a great substitute. Being slightly bigger than berries, you don't need quite so many to make an impact.

Fruit and nuts

Dried fruit and nuts complement the fresh foliage to produce a wreath that is full of rustic charm. Slice oranges, limes and crab apples and add cranberries and cinnamon sticks for a wonderfully festive aroma. Chestnuts, almonds and walnuts are perfect for adding texture while maintaining a natural look and feel.

Additional foliage

Adding more greenery may seem a bit redundant when you see how dense our DIY wreaths are. However, by attaching sprigs of Christmas foliage like holly or ivy, you'll add texture and movement to the design.

Random finds

Sometime you'll see something and just know it would look great on a festive wreath. Keep your eyes open for things like seed heads, bare twigs, catkins and small pine branches. Even some kitchen herbs, such as rosemary, can be used to make your wreath look stunning.

Golden Leaves Wreath with pine cones

A Christmas wreath made with fresh foliage can hang right into the new year.

Other wreath decorations

Of course, there is more to decorating a Christmas wreath than foraging. Many people prefer to add charm through festive ornaments. These can be used on their own or alongside pieces you've discovered in the garden and woodland.


Whether you tie a classic bow on the circle itself or use it to hang the wreath from your door, ribbon is a great way to add texture and colour to your project. Use a metallic hue like silver or gold to glam things up a bit or use patterned ribbon to add depth and interest.


Baubles aren't just for hanging on Christmas trees! They can also look amazing incorporated into your wreath design. Large, small or a mixture of sizes all work well and you can colour co-ordinate with your tree or go for a completely different vibe. Shiny baubles will draw the eye so use sparingly if you don't want them to overwhelm and detract from other decorative items.

Fairy lights

It's never been easier to adorn your Christmas wreath with whimsical fairy lights. Battery powered lights are often suitable for outdoor use and really brighten up a festive display. The battery pack can be easily hidden out of sight behind the wreath. Fairy lights are quite easy to weave through the greenery and create a beautiful twinkle in the long dark evenings. Choose a warm white glow for a cosy feel that will make your front door welcoming.

wreath with fairy lights

Fairy lights are the ideal way to brighten up seasonal foliage.

Securing decorations to your wreath base

When you've decided on your theme and gathered your decorations, it's time to start attaching them to the wreath.

Most ornaments can be attached using floristry wire or string. Simply thread the wire or string through the decoration and tie it securely to the wreath. Florist's wire is perfect for this purpose as its green colouring blends with the foliage, making it almost invisible.

Scraps of ribbon can also be used to tie things onto the wreath, while baubles can be attached using their own hanging loops.

Close up Christmas Wreath

Use floristry wire to attach Christmas decorations to your greenery.

Hanging your wreath

The easiest way to hang a Christmas wreath from your door is to use a purpose built hanger. These go over the top of your door and you simply place the wreath onto the hook. These hangers can be adjustable so you can change the height every year depending on the size of your wreath. Use a cable tie or some string to secure the wreath to the hanger. This will help stop it moving around as the door opens and closes and will also make it more difficult for potential thieves to steal.

christmas wreath in door

An over the door hanger allows you to hang your wreath without damaging either the foliage or the door.

If you'd prefer something more decorative, a ribbon might be a better choice. This can be incorporated into your colour scheme to complement, rather than detract from, your wreath. The ribbon can be stapled to the top of wooden doors or slung over the door and attached to a hook on the inside.

Other uses for a Christmas wreath

We've concentrated on wreaths being decorated to adorn your front door but, of course, there are plenty of other places you may wish to place a Christmas wreath.

Remembering a loved one

Many people take comfort in placing a wreath on a loved one's grave at Christmas. This is a lovely touch and lasts longer than floral arrangements would at this time of year. When decorating a memorial wreath it's a good idea to take into account any restrictions the cemetery may have. For example, some don't allow plastic wreaths, flowers and decorations. Using natural materials will prevent your wreath from being removed and will be an appropriate fit for the setting.

Table decoration

A wreath is often used as centrepiece for a Christmas table. However, most people won't have enough space on their dining table, especially when all the trimmings are laid out. But a wreath on a sideboard in the dining room adds to the festive atmosphere of Christmas dinner without getting in the way.

Alternatively, place the wreath on a console table in the hallway. This looks great with a pillar candle or some lights in the centre and is a welcoming sight for visitors entering your home.

DIY christmas wreath

DIY Christmas wreath.

Window Hanging

Lots of us love to see a Christmas tree twinkling in a window on a dark evening. But if your tree fits in a perfect spot elsewhere, a wreath makes an attractive window decoration. Adding some fairy lights will enhance the magic and draw the eye of passers-by.

christmas wreath in window

Use a wreath to fill your window with Christmas foliage.

How long will a foliage wreath last?

Real Christmas wreaths should last outside for around 4-6 weeks. This means if you start your project near the beginning of December you can admire your handiwork right through to the new year.

When choosing an indoor spot, bear in mind that your wreath won't last as long as it would outside. Depending on how warm your home is, a wreath displayed indoors will usually last around 1-2 weeks before fading.

Misting your wreath once a week with water will help prolong its life and keep it looking fresher for longer.

Apples in a christmas wreath

A Christmas wreath made with fresh foliage can hang right into the new year.

Christmas wreath

Your wreath can be as simple and understated or extravagant and busy as you like. The important thing is that it fits your personal taste and the style of your home. Take the green foliage base and customise it to create a Christmas wreath that is truly unique. Your only limit is your imagination!

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